Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-14-14 Christian Power Over Devils

9.2 MB10:01 min
download02-08-15 Reality of Devils

10.7 MB18:42 min
download02-24-14 Catholic Priests and Possession

8.9 MB9:41 min
download07-10-14 The Demon of Discouragement

7.7 MB8:23 min
download2-4-13 Exposing Yourself to the Devil

5.6 MB9:43 min
download7-14-13 Weapons Against Diabolical Attack

9.7 MB17:00 min
download7-7-13 Diabolical Attack - Part 1 - Forms

11.2 MB19:35 min
downloadAdvantages of Catholics over the Power of Evil Spirits

11.7 MB10:16 min
downloadDevil Loves Death

9.9 MB8:41 min
downloadLessons from an Exocism

8 MB7:00 min
downloadDevil Worship
(Father Chacon)

26.1 MB22:47 min
downloadDiabolical Attacks
(Father Chacon)

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