Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-14-2013 Year of Faith and Gift of Faith

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download03-15-15 Blind Man and the Virtue of Faith

9.2 MB16:03 min
download04-20-15 John 6 and the Theme of Faith

5.3 MB9:13 min
download10-21-13 Challenges to Faith

7.3 MB7:57 min
download12-01-14 The Centurion's Faith

6.5 MB11:23 min
download2-3-13 Year of Faith

7.4 MB13:01 min
download3-10-13 The Joy of Believing

7.1 MB12:25 min
download4-28-13 Year of Faith Revisited

8.3 MB14:31 min
download7-8-13 Miracles of Faith

4.8 MB8:20 min
download8-18-13 How Do We Deal with Differences of Faith within Families

7.9 MB13:48 min
download8-31-13 Difference Between Difficulties and Doubts

6.1 MB10:40 min
downloadGreat Gift of Faith

22.4 MB19:33 min
downloadWhat's Wrong with Seeking Signs

7.1 MB6:10 min