Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars

Feast Days

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download01-04-15 Themes of Epiphany

12 MB21:01 min
download01-05-14 The Epiphany

16.3 MB17:46 min
download01-11-15 Feast of Jesus' Baptism

8.2 MB14:21 min
download02-02-15 Feast of Presentation

4.9 MB8:29 min
download03-16-14 Transfiguration and Regeneration

13 MB14:13 min
download11-27-14 Thanksgiving

5.6 MB9:44 min
download12-01-13 The Best Way to Prepare for Christmas

13.4 MB14:37 min
download12-06-13 Santa Claus is Real

6.9 MB7:30 min
download12-23-14 Themes and Traditions of Christmas

5.4 MB9:31 min
download2-24-13 Transfiguration

6.3 MB11:02 min
download3-12-13 Divine Mercy Sunday

4.3 MB7:30 min
download4-8-13 The Annunciation and Incarnation

5.3 MB9:14 min
downloadAnnunciation and Mary as the New Eve

9.4 MB8:11 min
downloadCorpus Christi and Priesthood

22.1 MB19:20 min
downloadDedication of St John Lateran Basilica

11.2 MB9:49 min
downloadFeast of St Joseph the Worker

13 MB11:19 min
downloadJohn the Baptist

23.2 MB20:17 min
downloadMary's Assumption into Heaven

17.2 MB15:03 min
downloadMary's Vocation as Mother of God

20 MB17:29 min
download1st Sunday Advent
(Father Chacon)

10.1 MB17:40 min
downloadSaints, Intercession, and Heaven

18.8 MB16:26 min
downloadSlaughter of the Holy Innocents

10.7 MB9:22 min