Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-19-15 Slavery Segregation and Abortion

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download02-06-15 Japan and the Message of Akita

5.5 MB9:40 min
download02-09-15 Creation and Our Relation to the Material World

5.3 MB9:13 min
download02-15-14 Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it

10 MB10:52 min
download02-22-14 How the Vatican became its own Country

11.1 MB12:06 min
download03-12-15 Facing the Mass Apostasy

5 MB8:44 min
download03-14-15 Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

4.7 MB8:08 min
download03-16-15 New Heavens and New Earth

5.8 MB10:13 min
download04-03-14 Modern Golden Calves

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download04-22-14 Shroud of Turin

8.1 MB8:50 min
download07-31-14 Modern Jesuits

9.4 MB10:15 min
download08-16-14 Can Politicians be Saints and the Era of Peace

8.9 MB9:43 min
download08-23-14 James Foley Beheading and Rosary Victories

9.1 MB9:57 min
download09-06-14 Bread of Offering and the Plight of Caldean Christians

10.9 MB11:55 min
download10-25-14 False Prophets and Bizarre Beliefs

5.3 MB9:13 min
download11-05-13 The Promised Conversion of the Jews

6.4 MB7:00 min
download11-09-13 Dedication of St John Lateran Cathedral

11.4 MB12:28 min
download11-20-14 Destruction of Jerusalem and God's Refuge

4.7 MB8:12 min
download11-29-13 Politicians and Christ's Kingship

7.5 MB8:12 min
download12-12-14 Conversion of the Aztecs

5.4 MB9:30 min
download4-23-13 Christianity Explodes in Antioch

4.4 MB7:37 min
download5-12-13 Overview of Church History

7.3 MB12:49 min
download7-2-13 Lessons from Sodom and Gomorrah

3.8 MB6:43 min
download7-4-13 Patriotism and America's Future

7.1 MB12:30 min
download9-12-13 Rosary Victories

6 MB10:29 min
downloadAnniversary of the May 13 Fatima Message

14 MB12:15 min
downloadApostolic Authority--how Christ Preserves his Revelation

8.8 MB7:42 min
downloadDiscerning the Times
(Father Chacon)

10.1 MB8:49 min
downloadGod Shames the Proud and Strong with the Lowly and Weak

8.8 MB7:42 min
downloadWhat is the Lesson of the 'Lost 10 Tribes'

10.5 MB9:09 min