Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-01-15 How do we Defend Mary as Mother of God

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download01-1-14 Mary - Mother of God

16.3 MB17:51 min
download01-19-2013 Explaining Mary to Non-Catholics

5.2 MB9:06 min
download02-02-2014 Devotion to the Two Hearts

13.2 MB14:25 min
download02-07-15 Summary of Five First Saturdays Devotion

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download02-11-14 Lourdes

12.6 MB13:44 min
download03-01-14 Hope and the 5 First Saturdays

12.8 MB14:01 min
download03-08-14 Consecration to Jesus through Mary

9.3 MB10:10 min
download04-28-14 Consecration to Mary

8.2 MB8:59 min
download05-03-14 First Saturdays and Why is Church called Apostolic

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download05-09-15 Power of the Immaculate Conception

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download05-13-14 Fatima and the Coming Victory

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download05-22-14 Moslems and Mary

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download05-31-14 Mary and the Holy Spirit

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download07-05-14 First Saturdays and Reparation

9.4 MB10:17 min
download07-12-14 Summary of Fatima Message

13.1 MB14:19 min
download07-19-14 Third Secret of Fatima Explained

10.6 MB11:34 min
download07-22-14 Mary Magdalen and How Loved we are by God

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download08-05-14 Dedication of St Mary Major Basilica

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download09-15-14 Two Hearts and Value of Suffering

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download10-12-13 Fatima - Message of Hope

8.1 MB8:51 min
download10-13-13 The Rosary and Consecration to Marys Immaculate Heart

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download10-16-14 St Margaret Mary

7.3 MB12:50 min
download11-21-13 Mary - Model of Faith and Obedience

6.4 MB7:02 min
download12-08-14 Consecration to the Immaculate Conception

7.4 MB12:53 min
download12-09-13 Immaculate Conception - USAs Patroness

10.3 MB11:15 min
download12-12-13 Guadalupe

14.8 MB16:10 min
download12-20-14 Didnt Mary Doubt like Zechariah

4.2 MB7:25 min
download12-21-13 Mary as the New Ark

8.3 MB9:01 min
download12-22-14 Marys Magnificat

6.2 MB10:50 min
download12-29-13 The Holy Family and the Worlds Future

13.9 MB15:11 min
download12-29-14 Three Annunciations to Mary

5.2 MB9:08 min
download2-11-13 Lourdes

7 MB12:14 min
download2-2-13 Sorrowful Heart of Mary

6.2 MB10:52 min
download2-9-13 Privileges of Mary

4.3 MB7:28 min
download3-9-13 Consecration to Mary

4.5 MB7:54 min
download5-13-13 Fatima and the Consecration of the Papacy

5.8 MB10:07 min
download6-15-13 Immaculate Conception and Marys Victory

5.8 MB10:09 min
download6-8-13 Devotion to the Two Hearts

6.3 MB11:06 min
download7-13-13 3rd Secret of Fatima

6.8 MB11:48 min
download7-16-13 The Scapular - Perfect Sign of Consecration to Mary

6.8 MB11:57 min
download7-27-13 Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

5.6 MB9:48 min
download8-03-13 First Saturday Devotion

6.1 MB10:39 min
download8-05-13 Is Marian Language Excessive

4.8 MB8:19 min
download8-15-13 Marys Assumption into Heaven

9.2 MB16:08 min
download8-17-13 Mary as NT Queen Mother

6 MB10:24 min
download8-22-13 Queenship of Mary

6.5 MB11:23 min
download9-07-13 First Saturday Devotions

4.7 MB8:18 min
download9-28-13 Mary as the NT Ark

3.5 MB7:41 min
downloadAnniversary of the May 13 Fatima Message

14 MB12:15 min
downloadAnnunciation and Mary as the New Eve

9.4 MB8:11 min
downloadEucharist and Mary our Mother

24.7 MB21:34 min
downloadHeart of Fatima Message and 5 First Saturdays

11.8 MB10:16 min
downloadMary's Perpetual Virginity

26.5 MB23:10 min
downloadMary's Vocation as Mother of God

20 MB17:29 min
downloadMarys Assumption into Heaven

17.2 MB15:03 min
downloadOur Lady of Mount Carmel

11.8 MB10:18 min
downloadPresentation of Our Lady

9.2 MB8:00 min
downloadSt John Bosco and the Twin Pillars

8.4 MB7:23 min
downloadSubstance of the Fatima Message

14.1 MB12:21 min