Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download02-20-14 How the Pope Protects the Deposit of Faith

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download05-07-15 Acts 15 - Apostolic Authority in Action

6.3 MB11:04 min
download08-24-14 Peter and the Keys

16.7 MB18:12 min
download1-26-13 Apostolic Authority

5.5 MB9:35 min
download10-09-14 St Paul and the Papacy

5.3 MB9:11 min
download11-10-14 Pope Leo the Great and Attila the Hun

6.8 MB11:50 min
download11-23-13 St Clement and Papal Authority

8.8 MB9:35 min
download3-14-13 Pope Francis I

2.6 MB4:38 min
download3-26-13 Peter's Denial

3.6 MB6:21 min
download4-14-13 Images of the Church and Authority of Peter

7.7 MB13:28 min
download9-21-13 St Matthew and the Popes Remarks

5.4 MB9:31 min
download9-22-13 The Pope Said What

10.6 MB18:36 min
downloadSt Pope Pius V and his Momentous Impact

13.3 MB11:40 min