Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download03-22-15 Lessons from Raising Lazarus

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download04-05-15 Qualities of the Resurrected Body

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download04-06-14 Lazarus - Resurrection and Fear of Death

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download04-06-15 Where Did the Idea of Reincarnation Come From

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download04-20-14 Four Qualities of the Resurrected Body

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download04-22-14 Shroud of Turin

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download4-1-13 Is Resurrection the Same as Reincarnation

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download4-2-13 Denying the Resurrection

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downloadErrors concerning Resurrection and Baptism for the Dead - 9-18

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downloadRaising Lazarus--a Spiritual Earthquake

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downloadEaster Sunday Resurrection
(Father Chacon)

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