Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-19-2013 Explaining Mary to Non-Catholics

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download03-31-15 Did Jesus Sic the Devil on Judas

6 MB10:32 min
download04-06-15 Where Did the Idea of Reincarnation Come From

4.8 MB8:28 min
download04-07-15 Does the Bible Teach that Baptism Saves

5.2 MB9:06 min
download04-13-15 Does Being 'Born Again' Include Water Baptism

5.5 MB9:32 min
download2-12-13 Is Human Tradition Condemned

3.4 MB5:55 min
download2-17-13 Fasting

7.9 MB13:48 min
download2-26-13 Call No Man Father

4.3 MB7:35 min
download2-28-13 Soul Sleep

5.7 MB9:56 min
downloadApostolic Authority--how Christ Preserves his Revelation

8.8 MB7:42 min
downloadAre Relics Unbiblical

6.4 MB5:36 min
downloadContinuation of Apostolic Authority

12.9 MB11:17 min
downloadElijah, Elisha and the power of Relics

7.9 MB6:55 min
downloadHow the Lectionary Proves we are a Bible Church

11.1 MB9:42 min
downloadHow to Explain and Defend Confession

26.7 MB23:21 min
downloadIndulgences - How to Explain Them and Get Them

23.4 MB20:26 min
downloadIs it Sinful to Repeat Hail Mary and Our Father

10.5 MB9:12 min
downloadMary's Perpetual Virginity

26.5 MB23:10 min
downloadMary's Vocation as Mother of God

20 MB17:29 min
downloadNature of Purgatory and How to Avoid It

17.1 MB14:59 min
downloadSo-Called Non-Denominational Churches

22.3 MB19:28 min
downloadWhy Does Jesus call Peter 'Satan'

15.5 MB13:32 min