Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-05-15 We Belong to God

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download01-06-14 Discernment of Spirits

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download01-20-15 Hope - Anchor of Spiritual Life

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download01-24-15 St Francis de Sales and Discouragement

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download01-30-14 Growing in the Spiritual Life

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download02-15-15 Sin as Spiritual Leprosy

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download02-16-15 Lazarus and Conversion of Heart

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download02-18-14 How do we Persevere in Temptations?

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download02-19-15 Importance of Silence and Thanksgiving

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download02-21-15 Why is Fasting So Powerful?

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download02-27-14 Right Use of Material Possessions

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download03-02-15 Forgiveness and Not Being Judgemental

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download03-05-15 Principles of Charitable Giving

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download03-09-14 How to Conquer Temptation

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download03-23-15 Lessons from the Woman Caught in Adultery

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download03-28-15 Fickleness of the Crowd

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download03-29-14 Pride and Denying our Sins

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download05-01-14 St Joseph and Three Errors About Work

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download05-03-15 Parable of the Vine and Branches

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download05-04-15 Four Categories of Sin

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download05-05-15 Our Souls and Union with God

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download05-29-14 Stigmata Bi-location and other Extraordinary Gifts

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download06-17-14 How Do I become a Saint?

10.9 MB11:52 min
download06-23-14 Fraternal Correction

8.6 MB9:24 min
download07-10-14 The Demon of Discouragement

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download08-12-14 The Power of Weakness

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download08-30-14 Avoiding Spiritual Laziness and Growing in Perseverance

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download09-02-14 Spirit of the World vs Spirit of Christ

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download10-14-14 Zeal vs Fanaticism

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download10-20-14 Zacchaeus and Right Use of Wealth

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download10-22-13 Original Sin

7.2 MB7:51 min
download10-26-13 The World - the Flesh - and the Devil

9.8 MB10:43 min
download10-27-13 Humbly Acknowledging our Sins

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download11-28-13 Thanksgiving to God

12.8 MB13:56 min
download12-02-14 Danger of Thinking Small

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download12-18-14 What it Means to be Made in God's Image

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download12-30-13 The World the Flesh and the Devil

7.2 MB7:52 min
download12-30-14 Concupiscience and Value of the Elderly

6.3 MB10:56 min
download2-14-13 Temptations

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download2-15-13 Is a Lack of Healing Because of a Lack of Faith

3.1 MB5:22 min
download2-16-13 What is Detachment

4.8 MB8:28 min
download2-17-13 Fasting

7.9 MB13:48 min
download6-17-13 What Does Turn the Other Cheek Mean?

5.4 MB9:23 min
download6-18-13 How to Become a Saint

4.8 MB8:18 min
download8-04-13 Proper Use of Material Goods

6.6 MB11:28 min
download9-05-13 When God Calls He Equips

4.7 MB8:13 min
downloadBeware of False Prophets

7.6 MB6:39 min

23 MB20:08 min
downloadImperfect Contrition and Spiritual Growth

7.7 MB6:42 min
downloadLaw of Charity and Heroic Sacrifice

11.8 MB10:17 min
downloadParable of the Seed - Lessons for the Spiritual Life

11.7 MB20:27 min
downloadThe Great Sin of Indifference
(Father Chacon)

9.3 MB8:05 min
downloadTwo Reasons Why Forgiveness is Hard

7.5 MB6:35 min
downloadWarnings Against Hardness of Heart

10.5 MB9:13 min
downloadWhy Do the Wicked Prosper?

9.5 MB8:20 min
downloadWhy Should I Go on a Retreat?
(Father Chacon)

7 MB6:06 min
downloadWhy You Should Read Scripture Regularly

13.2 MB11:30 min
downloadWhy You Should Start Fasting Right Now

15.3 MB13:22 min