Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download05-03-14 First Saturdays and Why is Church called Apostolic

12.4 MB13:34 min
download06-01-14 The Ascension and the Church

14.5 MB15:53 min
download07-20-14 How to Respond to Scandals in the Church

15.5 MB16:54 min
download08-10-14 The Church and the Jews

18.3 MB20:02 min
download10-28-13 Why We Need the Church and the Natural Law

7.9 MB8:35 min
download11-09-14 How the OT Temple Prefigured the NT Church

7.7 MB13:26 min
download11-26-13 God's Indestructible Kingdom

6.9 MB7:35 min
download12-05-13 Jesus and His Church - Rock Solid

6 MB6:32 min
download2 Timothy and Apostolic Authority

11.1 MB9:43 min
download4-14-13 Images of the Church and Authority of Peter

7.7 MB13:28 min
download5-16-13 Sacred Liturgy

4.1 MB7:09 min
download5-5-13 4 Marks of Christ's Church

10 MB17:28 min
download5-6-13 Do Signs Outside the Catholic Church Mean We Should Leave

3.8 MB6:34 min
downloadContinuation of Apostolic Authority

12.9 MB11:17 min
downloadDaniel's Vision and Christ's Unbreakable Kingdom

9.6 MB8:25 min
downloadIncorruptibility of the Church - Fr. Chacon

33.1 MB57:53 min
(Father Chacon)

12.2 MB10:42 min
downloadIncorruptibility of the Church Part 2

11.5 MB10:03 min
downloadThe Incorruptibility of the Church, Part III
(Father Chacon)

23.8 MB20:47 min
downloadScandals in the Church

17.3 MB15:09 min
downloadSo-Called Non-Denominational Churches

22.3 MB19:28 min
downloadThe Future of the Church and the New Pentecost

11.3 MB19:41 min