Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars

Featured Homilies:

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download10-2-16 Historias de Gran Alcance para Detener Aborto

13.7 MB23:52 min
download10-2-16 Powerful Stories to Combat Abortion

9.7 MB16:52 min
downloadHow to Respond to Same Sex Activity

12.2 MB21:16 min
downloadIncorruptibility of the Church - remastered

29 MB50:45 min
downloadIndulgences - What They are and How to Get Them

23.4 MB20:26 min
downloadSo-Called Non-Denominational Churches

22.3 MB19:28 min
downloadTwin Pillars - Eucharist and Mary

8.4 MB7:23 min

San Juan Catholic Seminars is proud to present recorded homilies of Father Frank Chacon. We have organized the homilies by topics indicated on the icons below. When you click on a topic, you will enter a list of homilies which you can download or listen to online.

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