Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download04-17-14 Types of the Eucharist

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download04-18-15 Eating the NT Passover Lamb and Faith

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download04-19-15 Road to Emmaus and the Eucharist

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download04-20-15 John 6 and the Theme of Faith

5.3 MB9:13 min
download04-21-15 Answering Objections to the Eucharist - John 6,35

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download04-23-15 Answering Objections about the Eucharist - John 6,63

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download04-24-14 Eucharist and the Resurrection

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download05-04-14 Eucharist and the Road to Emmaus

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download05-05-14 Faith Needed to Accept the Eucharist

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download05-06-14 What did Jesus mean calling Himself Bread

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download05-08-14The Eucharist and the OT Showbread

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download05-10-14 Three Reactions to the Eucharist

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download06-22-14 The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

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download12-02-13 The Centurion and the Eucharist

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download12-16-13 The Eucharist - A Christmas Sacrament

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download3-28-13 Holy Thursday

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download4-13-13 The Eucharist Part 1

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download4-15-13 The Eucharist Part 2

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download4-16-13 The Eucharist Part 3

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download4-18-13 The Eucharist Part 4

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download4-20-13 The Eucharist Part 5

6.6 MB11:31 min
download4-22-13 The Eucharist Part 6

5.9 MB10:16 min
download4-27-13 Last Supper Discourse

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download4-4-13 Eucharistic Miracles

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download5-28-13 Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires

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download6-2-13 Body and Blood of Christ

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download9-11-13 Touching Jesus in the Eucharist

3.8 MB6:35 min
downloadCorpus Christi and Priesthood

22.1 MB19:20 min
downloadEvangelicals Entering the Church

9.6 MB8:24 min
downloadHow Passover Prefigured the Mass

3.9 MB6:53 min
downloadHow the Passover Prefigured the Mass

11.5 MB20:05 min
downloadJohn 6 - part 1 - A Test of Faith

10.7 MB9:19 min
downloadJohn 6 - part 2 - How to Increase Eucharistic Faith

10.5 MB9:10 min
downloadLast Supper and First Mass

13.4 MB23:21 min
downloadMiracle of the Loaves and the Eucharist

21 MB18:20 min
downloadRoad to Emmaus and the Eucharist

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downloadTwin Pillars - Eucharist and Mary

8.4 MB7:23 min
downloadWhy did God use Bread and Wine for the Eucharist

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