Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download02-14-15 Why Does God allow Suffering

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download02-24-15 God 's Will and the Problem of Suffering

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download03-09-15 Naaman and God's Inclusiveness

5.5 MB9:36 min
download05-05-15 Our Souls and Union with God

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download06-15-14 What do we Believe about the Trinity

17.6 MB19:15 min
download06-19-14 What does it Mean to be a Child of God

12.6 MB13:44 min
download11-16-13 Does Science Disprove God

9.9 MB10:50 min
download12-10-13 How Much God Loves You

7.6 MB8:20 min
download12-23-13 God's Graciousness

4.9 MB5:22 min
download2-19-13 Adoption through Grace

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download5-26-13 Explaining the Trinity

9.2 MB16:07 min
download8-12-13 Divine Sonship

3.6 MB6:23 min
downloadBible Teaches there is Only One God

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downloadDivine and Human Fatherhood

12.1 MB21:12 min
downloadGreat Gift of God as 'Father'

8.3 MB7:13 min
downloadWhy Does God Allow the Wicked to Prosper_ (10-10)

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