Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars

Holy Spirit

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download05-19-14 Will the Holy Spirit Ever Lead One out of the Church?

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download05-27-14 What are the Six Sins Against the Holy Spirit?

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download05-31-14 Mary and the Holy Spirit

11.5 MB12:32 min
download06-02-14 Symbols of the Holy Spirit

13.3 MB14:34 min
download06-07-14 Difference Between Gifts and Virtues of the Holy Spirit

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download06-08-14 Fire and the New Pentecost

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download5-11-13 Holy Spirit Part 3 - Fire

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download5-18-13 Holy Spirit part 4 - Symbols

5.6 MB9:48 min
download5-19-13 Pentecost

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download5-20-13 Holy Spirit Part 5

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download5-21-13 Holy Spirit Part 6

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download5-23-13 Holy Spirit Part 7 - Charismatic Gifts

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download5-25-13 Holy Spirit Part 8 - More Charismatic Gifts

6 MB10:30 min
download5-7-13 Holy Spirit Part 1

4.9 MB8:30 min
download5-9-13 Holy Spirit Part 2 - Titles of the HS

5.3 MB9:17 min
downloadCharismatic and Mystical Gifts of the Holy Spirit

13.6 MB11:54 min
downloadGifts of the Holy Spirit as 'Divine Instinct'

18.2 MB15:56 min
downloadGifts of the Holy Spirit--Understanding

10 MB8:45 min
downloadGifts of the Holy Spirit--Wisdom

9 MB7:52 min
downloadSo-Called Non-Denominational Churches

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download27d1a The Role of the HS
(Father Chacon)

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