Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-03-15 Holy Name of Jesus and Vulgarity

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download01-06-15 Why do we Focus on Jesus as a Baby

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download01-10-15 Wedding at Cana

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download01-12-14 Why Was Jesus Baptized

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download01-13-2013 Incarnation - part 2 mp3

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download01-15-15 Curing of Leper and Conscience

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download01-16-14 The Leper and Christ's Healing Touch

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download01-29-15 How Jesus Pierced the Veil of Death

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download02-02-2014 Devotion to the Two Hearts

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download02-13-14 Why did Jesus call the Canaanite Woman a Dog

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download03-08-15 Lessons from Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

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download03-21-15 Christ's Passion in the OT

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download03-23-14 Samaritan Woman and the Power of Love

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download03-23-15 Lessons from the Woman Caught in Adultery

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download03-24-15 Why Did Jesus Compare Himself to a Snake

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download03-31-15 Did Jesus Sic the Devil on Judas

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download04-01-14 Pierced Heart and Rivers of Life

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download04-08-14 Bronze Serpent and the Cross

6.6 MB7:13 min
download04-27-15 Recognizing the Voice of our Good Shepherd

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download05-18-14 Three Offices of Christ - Priest-Prophet-King

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download08-17-14 Why Did Jesus Call Someone a Dog

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download09-14-14 Triumph of the Cross

8.5 MB14:50 min
download09-15-14 Two Hearts and Value of Suffering

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download1-6-2013 Incarnation - part 1

10.9 MB19:02 min
download11-07-13 The Lost Sheep and the Good Shepherd

8.6 MB9:27 min
download12-04-14 Christ our Peace

3.2 MB5:31 min
download12-05-13 Jesus and His Church - Rock Solid

6 MB6:32 min
download12-14-14 The Fall vs the Redemption

8.1 MB14:11 min
download12-16-14 Four Reasons God became Man

3.4 MB5:52 min
download12-17-13 The Messiah - Foretold and Fulfilled

9 MB9:48 min
download12-21-14 Why did God become Man

11 MB19:12 min
download12-22-13 Why Did God Become Man

15.9 MB17:23 min
download12-25-13 Why We Focus on the Infant Jesus and Christmas Symbols

17.2 MB18:49 min
download12-27-14 St John - Doctor of the Incarnation

6.7 MB11:44 min
download12-29-13 The Holy Family and the Worlds Future

13.9 MB15:11 min
download12-31-13 Re-creation in Christ

6.8 MB7:28 min
download3-17-13 Raising of Lazarus

5.8 MB10:11 min
download3-18-13 Woman Caught in Adultery

4.6 MB7:58 min
download3-25-13 Judas Betrayal

4.9 MB8:33 min
download3-3-13 Woman at the Well

8.2 MB14:19 min
download4-21-13 Jesus the Good Shepherd

8.8 MB15:24 min
download6-16-13 Living Out Devotion to the Sacred Heart

9.6 MB16:45 min
download6-23-13 Who is Jesus

8.1 MB14:09 min
download6-6-13 What is Devotion to the Sacred Heart

4.1 MB7:07 min
download6-8-13 Devotion to the Two Hearts

6.3 MB11:06 min
download6-9-13 Doctrinal Basis for Devotion to the Sacred Heart

8.2 MB14:23 min
download7-18-13 What Does My Yoke is Easy Mean

5.2 MB9:04 min
download8-06-13 Transfiguration - Preview of Life of Glory

5 MB8:43 min
download8-26-13 Why Jesus Blasted the Pharisees

6.3 MB10:57 min
download9-14-13 Cross - Symbol of Victory

5.4 MB9:22 min
downloadHow King David Prefigured Jesus

7.9 MB6:52 min
downloadJesus the Good Shepherd

23.4 MB20:25 min
downloadSacred Heart and Reparation

11.7 MB10:11 min
downloadWho is Jesus Christ--an Explanation of the Incarnation

22.5 MB19:42 min
downloadWhy Does Jesus call Peter 'Satan'

15.5 MB13:32 min
downloadWhy is a Snake a Symbol of Jesus?

4.3 MB3:46 min