Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars

Moral Issues

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download01-19-14 41st Anniversary of Roe v Wade

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download01-22-15 Signs of Hope in the Pro-Life Battle

6.7 MB11:44 min
download01-23-14 Replacing the Culture of Death with Life

13 MB14:10 min
download02-16-14 How do we Explain and Defend the Unchanging Moral Law

17.4 MB19:00 min
download03-25-14 Human Dignity

8.8 MB9:39 min
download07-24-16 How to Respond to Same Sex Activity

12.2 MB21:16 min
download09-27-14 Old Age and Mercy Killing

4.9 MB8:35 min
download1-20-2013 40th Anniversisary of Roe v Wade

11.7 MB20:22 min
download1-22 Abortion

4 MB6:59 min
download10-05-14 Assisted Suicide

13.1 MB22:50 min
download10-06-13 Respect Life Sunday

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download10-13-14 So-called Mercy Killing

6.7 MB11:42 min
download10-14-13 Hippocrates and Pro-Abortion Christians

6.6 MB7:16 min
download10-19-14 Voting as a Catholic

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download10-2-16 Powerful Stories to Combat Abortion

9.7 MB16:52 min
download10-27-14 The Bondage of Sexual Freedom

5.5 MB9:34 min
download12-28-13 Massacre of the Holy Innocents and Partial Birth Abortion

9.1 MB9:55 min
download2-21-13 Abortion and Hippocrates

3.1 MB5:21 min
download4-6-13 We Must Obey God not Man

3.5 MB6:11 min
download6-30-13 Same Sex Marriage

10 MB17:26 min
download6-4-13 Must We Pay Taxes

5.6 MB9:50 min
download7-20-13 Moral Law Vs Ritual and Penal Law in OT

5.3 MB9:21 min
downloadBecoming Uncomfortable with Abortion

28.6 MB25:00 min
downloadEvil of Abortion and How to Answer Pro-Choice Arguments - Oct 2012

20.9 MB36:31 min
downloadHow to Fix the Family Breakdown

21.8 MB19:04 min
downloadOld Lie of New Sexual Morality

5.8 MB5:06 min
downloadSlaughter of the Holy Innocents

10.7 MB9:22 min
downloadWhy We Should Keep the Commandments

13.3 MB23:09 min
downloadWith Greater Blessings come Greater Accountability

6.8 MB5:57 min