Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-10-2013 Prayer part 1

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download01-12-2013 Prayer part 2

7.9 MB13:50 min
download02-21-15 Why is Fasting So Powerful?

4.9 MB8:37 min
download02-26-15 How Can I Pray Better?

5 MB8:40 min
download07-29-14 Martha and Prayer

10.1 MB11:00 min
download7-28-13 Our Father - Our Family Prayer

11.8 MB20:35 min
download8-11-13 Prayer - Part 1 - Types of Prayer

10.3 MB18:02 min
download8-25-13 Prayer - Part 2 - Difficulties in Prayer

10.6 MB18:33 min
download9-08-13 Prayer - Part 3

9.3 MB16:12 min
downloadGratitude and the Mass

9.4 MB8:12 min
downloadIs it Sinful to Repeat Hail Mary and Our Father

10.5 MB9:12 min
downloadParable of the Sower and Praying for Hardened Sinners
(Father Chacon)

12.4 MB10:48 min
downloadSt James the Greater and Asking for Trinkets

10.4 MB9:05 min
downloadWant Powerful Prayers? Start Fasting

15.3 MB13:22 min
downloadWhy Did Jesus Scold Martha?

9.2 MB8:00 min