Homilies by Father Frank Chacon

Presented by San Juan Catholic Seminars


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download01-13-14 St Hilary and the Arians

6.9 MB7:35 min
download01-17-15 St Anthony the Hermit and Overcoming Temptation

7.3 MB12:47 min
download01-17-2013 St Antony the Hermit

5.6 MB9:52 min
download01-21-14 St Agnes

10.3 MB11:17 min
download01-24-15 St Francis de Sales and Discouragement

6.1 MB10:43 min
download01-26-15 Sts Timothy and Titus and Apostolic Succession

5.8 MB10:07 min
download01-27-14 St Angela Merici and the Ursulines

9.1 MB9:55 min
download01-27-15 St Angela Merici and the Ursulines

4.9 MB8:30 min
download01-28-14 St Thomas Aquinas and Faith and Reason

11.1 MB12:05 min
download01-31-15 St John Boscos Vision of the Coming Victory

6.1 MB10:37 min
download02-01-2014 St John Bosco and the Twin Pillars

7.9 MB8:35 min
download02-05.15 St Agatha and Fire

4.7 MB8:16 min
download02-10-14 St Scholastica and the Benedictines

11.4 MB12:29 min
download02-10-15 St Scholastica and the Benedictines

5.4 MB9:23 min
download03-03-14 St Katharine Drexel

11.7 MB12:44 min
download03-03-15 St Katherine Drexel and Diocese of Gallup

5.9 MB10:15 min
download03-07-15 Sts Perpetua and Felicity and Christians in Middle East

7.3 MB12:47 min
download03-17-15 St Patrick and Evangelization

6.6 MB11:31 min
download03-19-15 St Joseph's Virtues

7.5 MB13:08 min
download04-29-14 St Catherine of Siena

10.7 MB11:41 min
download04-30-15 Pope St Pius V and Lepanto Rosary Victory

6.8 MB11:51 min
download05-02-15 St Athanasius - Defender of Incarnation

7.7 MB13:28 min
download06-03-14 St Charles Lwanga and Co

11.6 MB12:43 min
download06-05-14 St Boniface and the German Bishops

9.1 MB9:58 min
download06-21-14 St Aloysius Gonzaga

10.2 MB11:06 min
download06-24-14 St John the Baptists Modern Virtues

8.6 MB9:21 min
download07-01-14 Blessed Junipero Serra

8.8 MB9:36 min
download08-04-14 St John Vianney - Sign of Contradiction

8.9 MB9:43 min
download08-07-14 St Lawrence and the Martyr Popes

7.8 MB8:34 min
download08-09-14 Edith Stein

11 MB12:03 min
download08-11-14 St. Clare and Mother Angelica

12.8 MB13:59 min
download08-14-14 St Maximillian Kolbe

7.3 MB7:57 min
download08-21-14 St Pius X and Dissent

10.2 MB11:05 min
download08-24-14 Peter and the Keys

16.7 MB18:12 min
download08-25-14 St Louis IX

6.8 MB7:24 min
download09-04-14 Humility of St Peter

9 MB9:51 min
download09-13-14 St John Crysostom and Mass as Heaven on Earth

6.1 MB10:43 min
download09-20-14 St Andrew Kim and Companions

6.1 MB10:43 min
download09-23-14 St Padre Pio and the USA

4.9 MB8:35 min
download1-21 St Agnes the Martyr

3.9 MB6:50 min
download1-24 St Francis de Sales

6.7 MB11:48 min
download1-4-14 St Elizabeth Ann Seton and Living Gods Will

9.1 MB9:54 min
download10-01-13 The Little Flower and the Little Way

7.3 MB8:01 min
download10-04-14 St Francis of Assisi and Fr Benedict Groeschel

5.4 MB9:29 min
download10-15-13 St Theresa of Avila

6.5 MB7:09 min
download10-17-13 St Ignatius of Antioch

8.6 MB9:26 min
download10-18-14 St Luke and Pagan Culture

6.8 MB11:51 min
download10-19-13 North American Martyrs

7.5 MB8:13 min
download10-23-14 St John Capistrano and St Collete

5 MB8:47 min
download10-24-14 St Anthony Claret and the Twin Hearts

4.7 MB8:13 min
download10-28-14 Sts Simon and Jude and the War Within

3.7 MB6:26 min
download11-01-14 Intercession of the Saints

8 MB14:03 min
download11-03-14 St Martin de Porres and True Charity

5.5 MB9:38 min
download11-04-14 St Charles Borromeo

5.3 MB9:11 min
download11-10-14 Pope Leo the Great and Attila the Hun

6.8 MB11:50 min
download11-11-13 St Martin of Tours and Person-to-Person Charity

9.9 MB10:51 min
download11-11-14 St Martin of Tours and Acts of Charity

4.4 MB7:41 min
download11-12-13 St Josaphat and Reuniting with the Orthodox

8.5 MB9:16 min
download11-13-14 St Frances Cabrini and Home Visitation

4.9 MB8:36 min
download11-23-13 St Clement and Papal Authority

8.8 MB9:35 min
download11-24-14 Vietnamese Martyrs

5.1 MB8:55 min
download11-25-13 St Catherine of Alexandria and Confronting the Culture

7.6 MB8:16 min
download11-30-13 St Andrew and the Russian Orthodox

9.4 MB10:18 min
download12-03-13 St Francis Xavier and the Chinese Church

9.8 MB10:45 min
download12-06-14 St Nicholas and the Armenians

5.7 MB9:56 min
download12-07-13 St Ambrose and the Burdens of Modern Bishops

8.9 MB9:40 min
download12-07-14 John the Baptist and Humility Penance and Courage

8.9 MB15:38 min
download12-08-13 John the Baptist and Humility Fortitude and Detachment

14.3 MB15:35 min
download12-09-14 St Juan Diego and the Twin Pillars

5.8 MB10:08 min
download12-13-14 St Lucy and the Sexual Revolution

5.2 MB9:09 min
download12-15-14 Answering Objections about John the Baptist

5.6 MB9:50 min
download12-27-14 St John - Doctor of the Incarnation

6.7 MB11:44 min
download2-23-13 St Polycarp and the Early Church Fathers

4.7 MB8:18 min
download3-23-13 St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

5.3 MB9:15 min
download3-7-13 St Perpetua

4.8 MB8:26 min
download4-29-13 St Catherine of Siena

6 MB10:29 min
download5-14-13 St Matthias

3.9 MB6:50 min
download5-2-13 St Athanasius

4.6 MB8:03 min
download5-27-13 St Augustine of Canturbury

5.4 MB9:25 min
download6-1-13 St Justin Martyr

6.5 MB11:20 min
download6-22-13 Saints Thomas More and John Fisher

5.2 MB9:00 min
download6-24-13 Birth of St John the Baptist

5.5 MB9:37 min
download6-27-13 St Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorianism

5.2 MB9:02 min
download6-29-13 Sts Peter and Paul

5.3 MB9:17 min
download6-3-13 St Charles Lwanga and Companions

4.4 MB7:43 min
download7-11-13 St Benedict - Father of Europe

6.7 MB11:44 min
download7-15-13 St Bonaventure

5.2 MB9:04 min
download7-22-13 Mary Magdalen and Fearless Persevering Love

5.3 MB9:16 min
download7-23-13 St Bridget of Sweden

6.3 MB10:57 min
download7-25-13 St James and the Chapel of Santiago del Compostella

5.4 MB9:28 min
download7-6-13 St Maria Goretti - Forgiveness and Chastity

6.2 MB10:46 min
download7-9-13 Chinese Martyrs and the Church in China

6.7 MB11:39 min
download8-01-13 St Alphonsus Liguori

5.9 MB10:23 min
download8-10-13 St Lawrence and the Churchs Real Treasure

8.2 MB14:18 min
download8-19-13 St John Eudes - Apostle of the Two Hearts Devotion

5.5 MB9:41 min
download8-24-13 St Bartholomew and What Awaits Us in Heaven

4.8 MB8:26 min
download8-27-13 St Monica - the Power of Prayers and Tears

4.8 MB8:22 min
download8-29-13 St John the Baptist and Attacks on Marriage

4.4 MB7:40 min
download9-10-13 St Peter Claver and Slavery

4.9 MB8:39 min
download9-17-13 St Robert Bellarmine

5.4 MB9:30 min
download9-19-13 Miracle of St Januarius Blood

5.2 MB9:03 min
downloadBlessed Juan Diego

12.9 MB11:14 min
downloadBlessed Kateri Tekakwitha

15.3 MB13:24 min
downloadCure of Ars
(Father Chacon)

15.5 MB13:31 min
downloadElijah, Elisha and the power of Relics

7.9 MB6:55 min
downloadFirst Roman Martyrs
(Father Chacon)

13.6 MB11:55 min
downloadIntroduction to Elijah

8.4 MB7:20 min
downloadJohn the Baptist

23.2 MB20:17 min
downloadKorean Martyrs

8.7 MB7:34 min
downloadMartydom of Saints Peter and Paul

12.9 MB11:14 min
downloadMartyrdom of St Lawrence
(Father Chacon)

10.8 MB9:27 min
downloadMiracle of St Januarius' Blood

9.2 MB8:03 min
downloadPope St. Leo the Great

12.2 MB10:38 min
download30d2e The Jesuits vs Protestant
(Father Chacon)

7.4 MB6:29 min
downloadSt Andrew and the Russian People

8.4 MB7:22 min
downloadSt Antony of the Desert

13.5 MB11:47 min
downloadSt Benedict and the St Benedict Medal
(Father Chacon)

9.7 MB8:28 min
downloadSt Bonaventure
(Father Chacon)

12.4 MB10:50 min
downloadSt Catherine of Sienna

12.1 MB10:32 min
downloadSt Cecilia and the Virgin Martyrs

8.7 MB7:34 min
downloadSt Cyril of Alexandria and the Mother of God Controversy

7.9 MB6:56 min
downloadSt Elizabeth Ann Seton - 1st American-born Saint

8.9 MB7:47 min
downloadSt Elizabeth of Hungary

7.5 MB6:35 min
downloadSt Frances 'Mother' Cabrini

10.8 MB9:28 min
downloadSt Francis and his Impact

11.2 MB9:46 min
downloadSt Ignatius and the Jesuits
(Father Chacon)

9 MB7:54 min
downloadSt Ireneaus - Witness to the Early Church

9.8 MB8:31 min
downloadSt James the Greater and Asking for Trinkets

10.4 MB9:05 min
downloadSt John Bosco and the Twin Pillars

8.4 MB7:23 min
downloadSt John of the Cross - Master of the Spiritual Life

11.5 MB10:03 min
downloadSt Lawrence of Brindisi and Evangelizing Jews

9.3 MB8:05 min
downloadSt Mark and the Coptic Church in Egypt

9.1 MB7:55 min
downloadSt Martha and the Importance of Prayer

9.6 MB8:23 min
downloadSt Martin of Tours and the Power of Charity

4.8 MB4:13 min
downloadSt Matthew and the Proper Weighing of Material Goods

13.1 MB11:29 min
downloadSt Maximillian Kolbe and Miraculous Medal
(Father Chacon)

8.7 MB7:37 min
downloadSt Polycarp and the Early Church Fathers

8.5 MB7:26 min
downloadSt Pope Pius V and his Momentous Impact

13.3 MB11:40 min
downloadSt Pope Sixtus II and Companions
(Father Chacon)

8.5 MB7:27 min
downloadSt Stephen of Hungary and Good Government

10.9 MB9:32 min
downloadSt Thomas the Apostle
(Father Chacon)

37.6 MB32:54 min
downloadSt. Athanasius and the Arian Heresy

12.4 MB10:50 min
(Father Chacon)

10.8 MB9:27 min
downloadSts Joachim and Anne
(Father Chacon)

7.6 MB6:39 min
downloadWhy St Dominic Founded the Dominicans
(Father Chacon)

13 MB11:24 min