End Times

Name Play Duration
01-31-15 St John Bosco's Vision of the Coming Victory
10:37 min
03-12-15 Facing the Mass Apostasy
8:44 min
1 and 2 Maccabees--Preview of 2nd Coming
7:46 min
11-03-13 What is Purgatory Like
17:58 min
11-14-13 Avoiding Errors about the End Times
8:54 min
11-16-14 Signs Before the Second Coming
16:20 min
11-17-13 Signs that Precede Christ's Second Coming
20:03 min
11-22-14 The Temple and the Rapture
8:26 min
11-23-14 What Happens at the Second Coming
15:33 min
11-24-13 What Happens When Christ Returns
16:40 min
11-25-14 Where are the Rapture Miracles
8:12 min
Indulgences - How to Explain Them and Get Them
20:26 min
Last Judgement 8-3-23
14:24 min
Nature of Purgatory and How to Avoid It
14:59 min
Preparing for Advent-Focusing on the 1st & 2nd coming
9:39 min
Second Coming of Christ-Teaching on the Rapture
21:31 min
Signs and Manner of the Second Coming
8:20 min
The Future of the Church and the New Pentecost
19:41 min
The Rapture
21:31 min
What Happens When Jesus Comes Again
23:24 min
Why Didn't Jesus tell us When the World will End
Father Chacon

8:32 min

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