Name Play Duration
01-11-14 Bible Discrepancies and Why Pray
10:50 min
01-12-15 New Lectionary and Gospel of St Mark
9:08 min
01-20-14 Did the New Covenant Abolish the Old
11:21 min
02-03-15 Hebrews and the Cloud of Witnesses
8:17 min
02-16-14 How do we Explain and Defend the Unchanging Moral Law
19:00 min
04-15-14 Did Judas Repent
11:35 min
06-12-14 What Part of the Old Law Remains
13:05 min
09-25-14 Is Ecclesiastes Depressing
9:01 min
10-20-13 Sacred Scripture
20:58 min
11-17-14 How do I Read the Book of Revelation
10:05 min
11-18-13 Why Read 1 and 2 Maccabees
8:53 min
11-18-14 The Seven Churches of Revelation
8:52 min
11-19-13 Witness of the Maccabean Martyrs
9:43 min
12-11-14 Pope Damasus and the Bible
10:55 min
12-15-14 Answering Objections about John the Baptist
9:50 min
12-19-13 Samson - Prefigure of John the Baptist and Jesus
5:56 min
12-19-14 Why Read about Sampson during Christmas
9:36 min
2 Timothy and Apostolic Authority
9:43 min
2-25-13 Do Not Judge (2)
4:56 min
3-4-13 Healing of Naaman the Leper
6:38 min
4-24-13 Mark the Evangelist
9:01 min
9-15-13 The Prodigal Son
17:28 min
9-30-13 St Jerome and the Bible
10:05 min
Are Relics Unbiblical
5:36 min
Book of Joshua
10:51 min
Book of Judges
14:45 min
Book of Revelation
16:48 min
Book of Wisdom and Evil's Response to Good
10:24 min
Book of Wisdom and Mentality of the Wicked
11:05 min
Daniel and Maccabees
5:41 min
Daniel's Vision and Christ's Unbreakable Kingdom
8:25 min
Did Jesus Oppose the Law of Moses
8:07 min
Elijah and the Danger of Importing Pagan Beliefs
5:44 min
Ezra and Love of Scripture
8:09 min
Good Samaritan
7:10 min
How the Lectionary Proves we are a Bible Church
9:42 min
Law of Moses-3 parts
12:22 min
Lessons from Letters to Timothy and Titus
8:38 min
Lessons from the Fall of Babylon
7:11 min
Parable of the Canaanite Woman 8-20-23
17:42 min
Parable of the Sower and Praying for Hardened Sinners
10:48 min
The Book of Hebrews
12:23 min
The Question of Judas
8:54 min
The Word of God proclaimed 7-16-23
19:52 min
12:42 min
Why Did Jesus Reprimand the Pharisees
7:41 min
Why Did Jesus say He would Bring Division
Father Chacon

6:35 min
Why You Should Read Scripture Regularly
11:30 min
Why is a Snake a Symbol of Jesus
3:46 min

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